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Southeastern Wireless Solutions is the leading venue WiFi network installation service. SWS Tech provides DAS, Small Cell and WiFi design installations, venue security wireless networks with mobile tracking location data for geo-targeted marketing solutions.
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Southeastern Wireless Solutions is proud to announce Wireless Guardian®, the most effective Wifi security solution imaginable for today’s unpredictable times. Protect your facility, and it’s immediate environment, with our patented wireless system. Using a layered defense network, identify security threats before they get inside and keep your patrons safe.

Contact us for a comprehensive audit of your network’s security capabilities and together we will build a safe environment for your patrons and a WiFi network that integrates with your facility’s security department seamlessly!



• Patented Digital & Analog wireless radar system locates and identifies devices within the desired area.

• Identify all incoming threats prior to existing venue security measures.

• Integrates with federal and local law enforcement watch lists.

• Operates in real-time and provides location to within 3 ft.



• Inner perimeter enhances Zone 1 target tracking with a smart video camera system.

• Video camera system captures real- time images of identified targets prior to the target entering a venue security checkpoint.

• Target information and video images are shared with the venue security management in real-time.



• Venue security is heightened with the addition of critical system intel.

• Allows security personnel to physically identify potential threats and take appropriate defensive measures.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. - George S. Patton

With 14 Years of Experience in DAS, Small Cell, and WiFi Design, we can redefine your network!