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Southeastern Wireless Solutions is the leading venue WiFi network installation service. SWS Tech provides DAS, Small Cell and WiFi design installations, venue security wireless networks with mobile tracking location data for geo-targeted marketing solutions.
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Social Local and Southeastern Wireless Solutions have teamed up to bring you the most dynamic Wifi solution on the market. Imagine if your venue or event could effectively communicate with each and every user on it’s network? The security implications alone are endless – and so are the marketing opportunities.

Contact us for a comprehensive audit of your network capabilities and together we will build a safe and interactive environment for your patrons and a network that will help to monitize your brand!


With our patented technology, we can offer global device communication from the ‘house’ WiFi. Imagine the ability to push event updates, escape routes, directories, menus, maps, and even ultra-targeted mobile device ads to users within your network footprint. Social Local achieves this with or without an 'opt-in', though users that engage will have a more robust experience and dynamic user data set to collect.


Leverage the location and behavior of your vendors AND your customers in real-time for potential marketing and revenue matching capabilities. Collect event data, link tickets to user profiles to track behavior and communication, and have a 360 degree view of venue data at each event and for future events.


Make each event memorable and special. Maybe you'd like to offer an app for a special events where event goers can post pictures, locate event data, and integrate social media networks. Prefer an an out-of-app solution? Offer unlimited location-triggered activation opportunities for sponsors, vendors, and talent. We are only limited by our imaginations!


Create an curated, harmonious experience for ticket holders based on their ‘likes’ and lifestyle demographics. By adding just a few special configurations to your venue's network servers you can display targeted brand ads to both mobile devices and digital billboards that add value and peaked interest to your event-goers.

At this year's Improv Festival in Atlanta, we were able to display pop-up mobile ads for our sponsors, advertise upcoming events at our venue, and send alerts to direct the foot traffic throughout the venue. SWS provided a onsite technician and even helped us with our screen designs!

We drive consumer behavior for marketing in the moment while providing incredible security in today’s times… Learn how Social Local’s unique RF technology can redefine your network!