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Southeastern Wireless Solutions is the leading venue WiFi network installation service. SWS Tech provides DAS, Small Cell and WiFi design installations, venue security wireless networks with mobile tracking location data for geo-targeted marketing solutions.
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Hiring SE Wireless Solutions to handle the WIFI install at Philips Arena was the best decision Boingo could have made; and I have expressed that fact to all the Boingo Executives.
– Bentley Posey, Boingo Wireless Regional Manager

Technical support information during the warranty period is the first 12 months after the installation. Our Maintenance and Monitoring program allows users to remotely monitor their system, perform quarterly testing and maintenance to critical components, cellular carrier quarterly conference calls about channel and technology changes within their network that could affect coverage, automatic notifications of any/all system alarms, and consulting with facility staff.

The best way to report an outage is through our email support line and a tech support staff member will respond to any warranty claim you have within 1 business day.

After 12 months, a Maintenance and Monitoring package may be purchased a la cart.